What Our Mamas Taught Us

What Our Mamas Taught Us by Linda Seger

Did you ever wish you’d written down the words of wisdom from your mother? Do you sometimes hear those words in your head when you’re facing a problem, working on a relationship, or making an important decision? Many of us who had great mothers have lived by their wisdom for all of our lives. Their little sayings and sound bites echo in our ears and guide us in our choices, our demeanor, and when we’re trying to figure out the meaning of the world! Many of the quotations in this book come from the author’s mother, Agnes Katherine Graebner Seger, who had wisdom and an intrinsic ability to assess and analyze a situation. She was positive, supportive, and encouraging. Dr. Seger then collected sayings from other magnificent mothers. All of the sayings are original to each of these mothers. Each topic in the book is illustrated by Colorado artist, Linda Crawford. However they strike you, discover these jewels of wisdom in the homey, comforting voices of What Our Mamas Taught Us by Dr. Linda Seger.
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About The Book:

In What Our Mamas Taught Us (2nd Edition), author Dr. Linda Seger honors her magnificent mother and invites others to join her by honoring their own. She shares phrases and sayings, or, what she calls “jewels of wisdom” from her own mother and many others around the globe – some of the sayings are polished nuggets of gold and some are diamonds in the rough. Key areas covered:  adventures, money, problems, children, religion, travel, and careers. Each topic in the book is illustrated by Colorado artist, Linda Crawford.
“Hi Linda, I wanted to let you know that I received the book & I LOVE it! Thank you very much! There is nothing like wisdom & inspiration from Moms!” –Tawny Branaman

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Please email me any sayings from your Mama or Papa which I may include in future books. Include folk sayings you have heard that have meant something to you. I’d like to collect sayings from different cultures around the world. –Linda

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About the Author

Linda Seger has a Th.D. in Theology, two M.A.s in Religion and one in Drama. She has written numerous books about screenwriting, spirituality, and achieving success in life and in a career. She has always sought to encourage women throughout her life – focusing on their empowerment and personal and career growth. Seger is the author of 15 books, including her award-winning Spiritual Steps on the Road to Success:  Gaining the Goal without Losing Your Soul, and The Better Way to Win: Connecting Not Competing for Success.