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Dr. Linda Seger, author and speaker on spirituality.

Dr. Linda Seger, author on spirituality

Dr. Seger is an experienced subject matter expert and media resource on spirituality and success. Throughout her successful career as a Script Consultant,  Linda has developed the  spiritual principals that she writes about in her books. She has done many interviews over the years and is always delighted to consider being a guest speaker or blogger. ( A few Recent interviews are posted below) She provides blog posts and articles, as well as, radio, podcast and television interviews upon request. Contact her office to schedule an interview.




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From Gail Fallen of Business Ink: “Hey Linda — It was such a joy having you on. I wasn’t nervous about going toe-to-toe, cuz I knew you knew it was just in the interest of good conversation. Talk radio is a curious blend of the entertaining and the informative . . . we did both! And we kept it civil, to boot! My husband, who is a former talk radio host (heck, he came out of the womb with a microphone, I swear! ;-)), was absolutely riveted! When I held you over into the 10 o’clock hour (and I so appreciate your schedule allowed you to do that), he texted me and said, “Good call.” I just had to ask the “Would Jesus be a Democrat or Republican?” question!

You are a radio pro . . . your comments at the end of the interview enabled me to wrap it up beautifully, and I thank you for that! Yes, I definitely want to explore having you on from now until the election. It’s fun . . . and it’s valuable to the listener. We all have to start mending fences in the interest of the country; I think we’re a perfect example of how we can all find middle ground. I’m so blessed that I “met” you–I felt like we had a great connection from the first time we spoke. Today only strengthened that! Let’s figure out where we go from here . . . 🙂 Thanks again, Linda!! Have a great evening!”