Making the Leap of Faith

Making the Leap – an excerpt from Dr. Seger’s book, Spiritual Steps on the Road to Success

What is this leap of faith? It begins without knowing much about this God we are turning to. Yet, in spite of not being able to see or touch or feel God, we try to live our lives differently, and to live with a sense of God’s presence and guidance and comfort. This often means trusting when we have no idea what or whom we’re trusting in. We don’t know what the result of our trust will be, nor how much, nor how little, to trust in God, nor how much, nor how little, to trust in ourselves. Yet, it is exactly this movement into the unknown that can set our path and eventually lead us to clearly knowing what God wants of us.

Eventually many of us have some experience of God that is no longer simply a leap, but a type of silent and sweet knowing. But faith is faith because it is not tangible and rarely feels absolute. It includes doubt as well. Sometimes our faith seems well founded, and our hopes to do good work come to fruition. We listen to God’s leading and follow it, and our lives seem to be blessed. It seems God is leading us to a new location. We go. And we’re more successful and happier. We feel called to a new job. We follow the call, and we seem to be more effective. We begin to have faith in God’s leading because when we follow it, it seems to yield a more blessed life.

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