The Better Way to Win: Connecting Not Competing for Success

by Dr. Linda Seger
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“Web Thinking is a treasure that will help you update
your operating system for life and success.” 
Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., author of A Woman’s Book of Life.


The Better Way to Win - Success Tips by Dr. Linda Seger

In The Better Way to Win, Linda challenges you to examine what type of thinking is driving your life.
For instance, Would You Rather …

  • View other people as ‘the competition’ OR Appreciate and affirm their value in your life?
  • Struggle & compete for success OR Ask for help & collaborate with others to achieve your goals?
  • Imitate- by following the dictates of hierarchy OR Innovate– using the abundant resources in the diversity of the people who surround you?
  • Keep fighting for your piece of the pie? OR Recognize that …. the pie is bigger than you thought! AND there is plenty of need in the world for your work and the work of others

When only a few people were talking about collaboration as a new business model, Dr. Linda Seger was already seeing the benefits of this newer way of thinking. Raised with a competitive approach to reaching the goals in her life, she shares candidly how she struggled for many years before finding this kinder, more effective and humane way of living.
As a successful Hollywood insider, Linda has dealt with the competition in the film and television industry and offers valuable advice in this book. The Better Way to Win is based on years of research, contemplation and interviews with archaeologists, anthropologists, physicists, biologists, theologians, musicians and mathematicians. The book is designed to give you a clearer understanding of the differences between the older linear, ‘ladder of success’ model and the web-thinking model. She gives credit in her book to two other authors for first using the web imagery that she uses in her book. She feels it best describes the complex dynamics of the mutually beneficial relationships she experienced, as she changed her thinking. Dr Seger includes questions for reflection and practical suggestions to help people change their lives as hers was changed.

Author Bio:
Dr. Seger created and defined the script consulting profession in 1981 when she began her business, based on her doctoral dissertation about what makes a good script a great script. Since then, she has worked on over 2000 scripts, with writers, producers, directors, and executives from six continents, including Peter Jackson, William Kelley, and Ray Bradbury. She is the author of 15 books, nine on screenwriting and 6 on spirituality. Linda’s spirituality work is based partly on her degrees in theology where she explored how drama communicates values and themes, how spiritual principles are expressed through art and business, and the relationship of the creative process and spirituality. Seger lives in the Rocky Mountains near Colorado Springs with her wonderful husband Peter and their magnificent cat, Dexter.

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The Better Way to Win: Connecting Not Competing for Success

By Dr. Linda Seger

Published  January 20, 2011

 The Better Way to Win 

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