Reflections with God :While Waiting to Be Healed

Reflections with God by Linda Seger

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About the Book:

Almost everyone faces some physical or mental or emotional challenges. Spiritual people pray about it, hope, try to stay positive, sometimes argue with God, and remind God of the many promises there are in Scripture about healing. But sometimes, healing doesn’t come, or doesn’t come as desired. Although many turn their back on God when God doesn’t heal, others stay in the struggle with God, expand their theology, and learn more about the nature of God and the nature of suffering.

Dr. Linda Seger, one of the world authorities on screenwriting, has struggled with dystonia (a movement disorder) for some years. Then, as she was improving, she was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in fall, 2015. Both disorders have caused physical, emotional, and spiritual frustrations and the rehabilitation for each has been counter to the other, causing her to make difficult choices, and to be challenged to persevere. In this book, she reflects on the many theological issues and spiritual issues that we encounter when we’re ill – and how we re-form our relationship with God when healing doesn’t come as desired.

Watch Linda describe how her relationship to God has been re-formed through these challenging illnesses:


Reflections with God While Waiting To Be Healed

Review by D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Chronic pain and serious illness not only taxes the body; they take their toll on the spirit, as well. How does the devout Christian address the theological challenges that come with devastating or repeat physical blows, and how does that process translate to a new (possibly improved) relationship with God?

All this and more is addressed in Reflections with God While Waiting to Be Healed, a blend of spiritual discourse and autobiography by a woman on the fast track to success and achievement when she was diagnosed with two disabling physical conditions that lead her to question her relationship with God and his purpose in changing the positive course of her life.

One might expect a scholarly discourse from a theologian, based on the book’s title and its author’s credentials; but in fact Dr. Seger’s story is very straightforward and moves from a happy, successful life to one of struggles with her own body’s course (a neurological ailment, dystonia, and breast cancer).

Her journey toward healing is also a journey towards a different kind of relationship with God, as Dr. Seger discovered; and that concurrent journey is charted in an autobiography about healing body and spirit which comes from the perspective of a Christian, Quaker, and Doctor of Theology.

Chapters offer strong assessments linking body and spiritual growth and document how the journey towards healing is also a sometimes-frustrating journey of spiritual understanding that often reveals troubling, fundamental questions and concerns about faith: “From a spiritual perspective, the underlying question is often: “What does God want from us? What is the possibility for our future? And, do we have a future? Is it possible that our illness is God’s will? Where is the Holy Spirit in all this?”

The equation of physical and spiritual death, the quest to build a supportive spiritual community in the face of challenging illness, and the process of creating a ‘spiritual team’ as well as growth-inducing concepts that arise as a result of illness are all outlined in a spiritual discussion that will enlighten and encourage anyone else who suffers from ongoing, chronic conditions.

Dr. Seger’s observations are easily accessible by all because she employs a tone devoid of technical terms or scholarly discourse in favor of a personal approach that well connects her words and experiences in language accessible to all: “Surrender might mean coming to terms with our situation. Surrender might mean recognizing that this is how things are at this point. Surrender might recognize that this is the New Normal. Surrender might mean getting into the rhythm of our illness. It might mean we recognize that there are certain processes going on and we can no longer live our daily lives in the same order with the same structure and with the same determination we used to have to achieve other life goals. There is something else going on and attention must be paid to this fact. We try to get into the new rhythm, recognizing that even the rhythm of illness might have something to teach us about slowing down, watching the flowers grow, nurturing ourselves, letting go of some areas in life that create irritations, trying to take more moments for our spouse, friends, and pets, and letting a few other things slide. And always listening for the Still Small Voice and trying to see the Hand of God.”

Christian readers challenged to see God’s purpose in pain, suffering, and change will find Reflections with God While Wanting to Be Healed is an inspirational roadmap to a different kind of success: one that requires no special degrees, knowledge, or skills; but only an altered awareness of God’s hand in the world, provided here.

Reflections with God While Wanting to Be Healed is very highly recommended as an inspirational, uplifting testimony of not just survival, but spiritual growth and different kinds of miracles. –D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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“It had been a couple days since my son’s girlfriend had disappeared. No one had seen her, her cell phone had been found dumped in some bushes. Police had been called, even news reporters were calling. When you’re in a moment of life-and-death, all the unimportant things melt away. Things that seemed so important just the day before take a back, back, back seat when you focus on something that could be life or death. It is in these moments that some feel God the closest. My priest calls these places “thin spots” where you and God are connected at the thinnest point. Linda Seger’s excellent book, “Reflections with God: While Waiting to Be Healed” is basically a book about a “thin spot.” A journey of … Read More of this review by Matthew Terry on Amazon

“I REALLY like this book. It speaks to me…a person with Stage IV cancer that has metastasized to my lungs. It doesn’t preach & it’s more spiritual than religious. The short chapters (most are 3 pages long) contribute to the ease of reading. I preferred reading only one or two chapters a day, which were thought provoking & allowed for my own insights & reflections. So in a sense, I used the book as a guide to support my personal medical challenges. The quotes at the beginning of each chapter are well chosen, too. I highly recommend this book!”   ~  Anonymous Amazon Customer

“I have read this book and loaned it to friends. This is an inspiring, clear journey of the heart that offers specific tools for dealing with the question of faith and healing. This book definitely fills the gap and is loaded with amazing insights and loving support flowing through Dr. Seger’s words. If you ARE dealing with illness or helping another cope, please get this book! ”  ~ D. Cutler-Rubenstein, Noble House Entertainment, Inc.

“Linda has the ability to share her personal experience and insights on the Divine in a way which we can all relate to and draw strength from in our own journey.” ~Alan Clay

“I have come to really enjoy books written by this author. They are always informative and written with passion. I appreciate her openness and sharing personal struggles. As I began to read this book, I felt a sense of peace as the words soothed my soul. I’m sure there are many of us that are waiting to be healed from something. In some cases it is physical healing and in others it is emotional healing. I have been guilty of asking God why has He not healed me yet? The author makes a good point when she said, ” Our struggle with health often triggers a struggle with faith.” People around us are encouraging us to … Read More of this review by Deana on Amazon

“As a fellow sufferer of Dystonia, Linda Seger has given a unique perspective to God’s role in life when a chronic illness interrupts a life that seems to be going in such a great direction. Suddenly and without warning illness strikes and we ask God for his intervention. Are his plans for our future the same as our own? I find this book refreshing and adding another angle to my outlook on God and his role in my life! ~ Anonymous Amazon Customer

“I found this book deeply profound and moving. Perhaps one of the hardest things to endure when one is battling a chronic illness is coming to terms with how intensely personal, lonely and unique one’s suffering is. Most people untested by this kind of trouble cannot relate well. In fact, most are frightened or repelled by such pain as though it might be catching. In “Reflections with God”, readers who are battling illness will find a kindred spirit in Linda, a soul so tested in the crucible of affliction she is qualified to …Read More of this review by Mary Mackenzie Pyle on Amazon


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