Jesus Rode a Donkey

Jesus Rode a Donkey by Linda Seger
Dr. Linda Seger is the author of Jesus Rode a Donkey: Why Millions of Christians are Democrats. This book was revised and the new edition released in June 2016 during the heated election season. Find out WHY Dr. Linda Seger believes the Democratic platform more closely aligns with the values taught by Jesus that the Republican party. She is available for media interviews, speaking engagements, radio shows and podcasts to speak on the  topics she writes about in JRD.

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IF JESUS WERE ALIVE TODAY, WOULD HE: Feed the poor – or give tax breaks to the super rich? Comfort the old and infirm – or cut Social Security? Make war – or make peace? In this groundbreaking book, noted author and theologian Linda Seger, Th.D., explores what it means to be a Christian and a Democrat – and shows how the two are not mutually exclusive, but rather inclusive. She reveals the close relationship between Democratic policy and Jesus’ teachings and the many ways in which the values Jesus espouses in the Bible correspond to the values Democrats call their own.

The idea that America’s real Christians vote strictly Republican crumbles when one studies the platforms of both parties. Jesus Rode a Donkey reminds the reader that Jesus and the prophets had a radical, progressive message that calls individuals and nations to feed the hungry, help the poor, heal the sick, care for the earth, free the oppressed, and love our enemies.

Linda Seger Author Jesus Rode a Donkey

LINDA SEGER, Th.D., is uniquely qualified to write this book – a theologian, author and speaker with degrees in English, Drama and Theology. She comes from a long line of Lutherans who were theologians, ministers and missionaries. She’s a Christian, a Democrat and lives in Cascade, Colorado.

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“Dr. Linda Seger is a great counterpoint of balance to the voices of the Religious Right. Her book, Jesus Rode A Donkey, makes for an interesting viewpoint that the teachings of Jesus often sound closer to Democratic policies.” — Richard Rossi

Download Jesus Rode a Donkey Fact Sheet 1 (PDF): Why are Millions of Christians Democrats?

Jesus Rode a Donkey by Linda Seger, Fact Sheet 1

Download Jesus Rode a Donkey Fact Sheet 2 (PDF): How Do You Judge a Christian Candidate?

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Download Jesus Rode a Donkey Fact Sheet 3 (PDF): The Women’s Card

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Download Jesus Rode a Donkey Fact Sheet 4 (PDF): Homosexuality and Equality

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Download Jesus Rode a Donkey Fact Sheet 5 (PDF): The Ethical Dilemma of Abortion

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Jesus Rode a Donkey is a Silver Medal Winner, Illumination Book Awards (2015)

Illumination Book Award for Jesus Rode a Donkey by Dr. Linda Seger