Dr. Seger’s Spirituality Books

Dr. Linda Seger, author on spirituality

Dr. Linda Seger, an internationally known script consultant, is the author of numerous books on Spirituality. The books are listed below where you will also find links to additional information on each title. 


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Read about Reflections with God While Waiting to Be Healed

Reflections with God by Linda Seger

$ 12.99


Read about The Alphabet Prayer

The Alphabet Prayer by Linda Seger and Peter Le Var
$ 12.99


Read about Spiritual Steps on the Road to Success

Spiritual Steps by Linda Seger third edition


Read about The Better Way to Win




Read about What Our Mamas Taught Us

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Read about Jesus Rode a Donkey

Jesus Rode a Donkey Why Millions of Christians are Democrats by Linda Seger